Nr. 8 EMIL - Eine Überraschung für Oma

No. 8 Emil - a surprise for Grandma

No. 8 Emil - a surprise for Grandma

One in the afternoon Emil visited his grandma, who lived only a few streets from his school. He was looking forward to this since last weekend. Grandma was visiting them and had promised him that they would bake the world's most chocolate chocolate cake together.

Emil loved chocolate - almost as much as slime.

He stepped through the small garden gate excitedly and pressed the bell a little later. From the inside he heard sheds that approached. The door was opened and his grandma beamed towards him. “Emil, nice that you are there. Come in, come in. I make you an ice chocolate first. At the hot temperatures out there, that's just the right thing. ”While Emil made herself comfortable on the couch in the living room, he heard his grandma in the
Kitchen rumble. Her ice chocolate was not just cocoa with cold milk. She still gave a large ball of vanilla ice cream in the high glass. In addition, she topped the whole thing with a cream hood, chocolate sauce and chocolate sprinkles.
If Emil only thought of what was expecting him, the water in his mouth was already going together. Suddenly it ripped out in the kitchen and grandma scolded loudly. Emil jumped up and ran to her. "What happened?"
Grandma kneaded her hands with angery facial expression. »The rheumatism is once again particularly annoying today. Suddenly I had no strength in my hand and therefore let the glass drop. ”She sighed. "Fortunately, it was still empty, otherwise I would have done a very unsightly mess here." At that moment, Emil remembered something. "You, Grandma, I think I know what can help you." "So? What? "" The professor recently said casually that she invented something new. "

"What kind of professor?"

“Well, Prof. Dr. Dr. Tanja from Orrec, who always produces all these great slimes. «
Emils Grandma frowned. "But slime is something for children." "Not necessarily. The professor said that the Granny Relax Butter Slime was also for people with your symptoms. Wait. ”Emil took his miracle lime out of his pocket, took him out of his container and kneaded him properly. He closed his eyes and thought very intensively about Granny Relax Butter Slime. After just a few seconds he noticed a weight in his
Pocket. Smiling, Emil opened his eyes again and pulled out another slime container that he handed grandma.

"Here, just try it out."

She skeptically turned the slime back and forth, but promised to test it.
Emil swept the broken glass together and only conjured up the ice chocolate under the guidance of grandma. After this was drunk, he baked the cake with her help. Because she no longer trusted her hands that day. Then they settled together in the living room and eaten with every two pieces. Emil was allowed to take the rest home for himself and his parents.

Grandma Emil called about a week later. “I have to thank you very much - and of course with this professor. The slime is really great. I knead him every evening with the news and it feels wonderful. "

Emil beamed. "That's great. I will be Prof. Dr. Dr. Align Tanja from Orrec the next time I see her. ”Do you also have a grandma or grandpa with similar symptoms? Then just recommend the Granny Relax Butter Slime.

Author: Bettina Huchler

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