Aloe Vera: Der Pflanzen-Held in unserem Slime!

Aloe Vera: The plant hero in our slime!

Aloe Vera: The plant hero in our slime!

Hey, dear slime fans! Today we take a close look at one of our favorite ingredients: aloe vera. You already knew that this green all -rounder in each of ours Slime-Products? But what makes Aloe Vera so special? Let's start!

What is aloe vera? Scientifically examined! 

Aloe Vera is one of the succulents and has a permanent place in medicine, cosmetics and yes, even in our slime! But what do the scientists say? Aloe Vera contains over 200 bioactive components such as vitamins, enzymes and amino acids. The polysaccharides that promote cell regeneration and donate moisture are particularly interesting. In fact, several studies showed that aloe vera has antioxidative, antibacterial and even anti-viral properties. Mega, right?

So it was with our little aloe vera knowledge bomb. Next time you think of "buy mucus", you now know why aloe vera is the secret star of the show. And everything is scientifically well -founded, people!

Until the next slime adventure! 

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