Der Aufstieg von Schleim als Kinderspielzeug.

The rise of mucus as a children's toy.

The rise of mucus as a children's toy.

A special phenomenon has prevailed in the colorful, glittering and often fragrant worlds of children's toys: the mucus. But where does this sticky sensation come from, and why is it fascinating generations of children? Let's take a journey through time in the past and discover the origins of this unique children's toy.

A sticky start in the 70s

The history of the mucus begins in the 1970s when it was introduced by the Mattel company. Originally sold in green and in small plastic waste bins, the mucus was an answer to the growing popularity of science fiction films and series. His gelatinous consistency and unusual appearance made him an immediate hit in children. From a scientific point of view, mucus consists of a polymer that binds water and thus creates its unique consistency. Various versions have been developed over the years, including those in the Darkness glow Or glitter.

From the toy of the 70s to the phenomenon of social media

While the mucus kept a certain popularity in the 80s and 90s, he experienced an impressive revival in the age of social media. YouTube and Instagram were flooded by DIY-Schleim tutorials that collected millions of calls. The modern mucus has developed far beyond the green mass of the 1970s. Now it is available in every conceivable color, with additions such as pearls, glitter or even fragrances. Studies have shown that kneading and shaping mucus can have a calming effect on the brain, similar to the crumpling of stress balls.

Why mucus is more relevant today than ever

In our technology -driven world, children and adults are looking for opportunities to relax and switch off. As a tactile children's toy, slime offers a break of screens and stimulates the senses. It also promotes fine motor skills and creativity by creating their own variations and mixtures. Despite its simple nature, mucus remains a symbol of creativity, fun and discovery in the world of children's toys.

In a world that constantly develops, mucus remains a timeless children's toy that connects generations and always ensures joy.

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