Plüschtiere: Mehr als nur ein Spielzeug.

Plush toys: more than just a toy.

Plush toys: more than just a toy.

Each of us can have this one special one Cuddly toy Remember our childhood - a constant companion who donated consolation and was always there. But did you know that this inconspicuous plush toy can actually play a central role in the emotional and social development of a child?

Scientific knowledge about the role of plush toys

  • Promotion of empathy: A study from 2017 showed that children who regularly play with cuddly toys develop an increased level of empathy. These children tend to put themselves in others and recognize their feelings.

  • Development of care: With a stuffed animal Learn children to take responsibility for someone else. It requires care and occasionally "feeding" or "visits to the doctor", which promotes the understanding of children for care and protection.

  • Dealing with fears: For many children, the cuddly toy is a safety anchor in unusual or scary situations. It offers you a feeling of continuity and security.

  • Social skills: Role playing with cuddly toys help children to understand and practice social situations and interactions.

To cuddle to the emotional bond

It is no secret that children develop a deep emotional bond with their plush animals. This bond is often so strong that that Cuddly toy is considered a real friend or a family member. The child shares his secrets, worries and joys with this "friend", which in turn strengthens the child's self -esteem and self -confidence.

view in the future

While the world continues to change at a rapid pace and technology is becoming increasingly important, the role of the plush toy in the life of a child remains constant. It serves not only as a toy, but also as a tool for emotional and social development. There may be simple, fluffy creatures that can be bought anywhere, but the effects that a loved cuddly toy can have on the life of a child are priceless.

The next time you buy a cuddly toy for a child or see your child's favorite cuddly toy. It is more than just a piece of fabric - it is a friend, a comforter and a teacher in one.

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