Coole ASMR Slimes, Mini-Mikrofone & deren Fans

Cool ASMR slimes, mini microphones & their fans

Cool ASMR slimes, mini microphones & their fans

Which is the coolest ASMR slime?

We are considering creating an ASMR gift box. Included should be two ASMR slimes and as with the others Slime boxing - a desired lime. As a small gift there is a mini microphone. The question I am currently asking myself: which is the coolest ASMR slime? Which creates the best noises? We have to choose Floam slime, Bingsu slime and Fishbowl Beads Slime. We don't have the latter in the shop at all and therefore agree the most. We would of course also offer the Fishbowl Beads Slime outside the box in the Slime Shop. 

ASMR fans

ASMR Slime is an absolute trend, especially on Tik Tok. A lot of accounts, with a large reach that deal with ASMR Slime - for example the @asmr_slime64 account - with almost 302,000 followers or @Scentedslime, this is one of my favorite ASMR accounts on TikTok. I don't know how long the ASMR Hype will last, at least those ASMR videos that specialize in slime, but regardless of our plan of an ASMR gift box. On the one hand is ours nugget Bingsu Slime, a desired lime and the Mini Micro. And as already indicated above, most likely a Fishbowl Beads Slime.

We want you! 👉🏼 

We are still looking for German Asmr Slime Tik Toker who want to test and stream our slime. We are also looking for bloggers with a large reach that feel like cooperation. 

Ciao Ciao, Tony

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