DIY Slime Party Set

DIY SLIME party set

DIY SLIME party set

We have developed the DIY Slime Partyset for everyone who wants to make their own slime or are looking for the perfect part of a child's birthday. The special thing about this set is that the slime base consists of natural ingredients and does not require any glue.


  • Presentation of the DIY Slime Party
  • Judgment for children's birthdays
  • Explanation of the DIY

You will learn that in this article:

  • What is the difference between slime with and without glue?
  • What are the ginger?
  • What does DIY mean and where does this term come from?

Our new DIY party slime

Today I would like to introduce you to our latest product: the DIY party slime to do it yourself. The idea behind it was to offer a product in addition to our slimes, which are made with glue, which does not require any glue. The Slime Base of the DIY Slime consists of natural ingredients. The set contains five cards as instructions on which also four funny tasks can be done before the slime is made. In addition, our Magic Slime Powder are included in different colors, always with organic glitter, Super Activator and a stirring stick.

The DIY slime is also perfect as Gap For a children's birthday. That is why we offer the sets in sizes 2, 4, 6 and 8.

I would like to briefly the difference between our DIY SLIME and ours Slime explain. Two differences are particularly important: Our DIY slime is made without glue and reactivates after 7-10 days. This means that it becomes fluid and must be disposed of. Our slime is made from glue. This also reactivates after a while and becomes sticky or turns back into glue. The difference is that with our Super Slime Activator you can reactivate the slime. This means that by adding the Activator, he again accepts his original, slimy consistency. This is not possible with DIY Slime.

Party slime picture

Judgment for children's birthdays

Our 35 ml poses are one of our top sellers. A brief explanation of what is also included: Small gifts or gifts that host the guests for the guests of a children's birthday are preparing.

The sexes should give the children a little joy and remind them of their birthday. They can be distributed at the beginning, used as prices at games or made together with the guests, for example with our DIY party set.

Our self -made slime is perfect for children from 6 years. Together with the guests you can play your own slime playing, and without any glue. The set includes cards with 4 funny tasks that should be done beforehand. Incidentally, the skull on the first card is drawn by Juano, the artist in Team Slime. Each slime has its own packaging and of course all ingredients, so the set is also great as a gift. Finally, the children can give their slime their own name. Therefore, the label is printed on paper so that it is easier to describe.

What does DIY mean and where does the term come from?

DIY stands for "do it yourself" and means that something is done or repaired without the help of experts or professionals.

The term DIY has its origins in Germany after the Second World War, when many people were forced out of financial need to manufacture or repair things themselves instead of buying them.

In the 1970s, the DIY movement experienced an upswing when groups such as the hippie and autonomous movement DIY saw as an opportunity to differentiate themselves from mass consumption and the authority of industry and the media.

Nowadays the meaning of DIY has changed. It is no longer just about saving money, but also about creativity, sustainability and individuality. The Internet can easily acquire new manual skills through the Internet and share their DIY projects with others.

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