[DIY] Bau dir einen Stall für dein Einhorn Squishy

[DIY] Build a stable for your unicorn squishy

[DIY] Build a stable for your unicorn squishy

You have a Slime box unicorn, do you want to put your squishy on the shelf as a decoration? Then just give him his very individual home. You can find out how you do this in the following handicraft instructions.

Step 1: Cutting down

First you have to cut off the lid of the slime box. Then you cut a door on the wide side of the box. If you only cut them on on two sides, you can even put them on and out again and again. You can also differ a double -winged door.

Variant 1: Always open door

Variant 2: Door to up and up

Variant 3: double wing door

So the basic structure for your stable is already finished. If you want to give your unicorn Squishy a leakage enclosure, the lid of the Slime Box is now used.

Fold them at the intended places. The overlapping ends are glued so that they no longer open. Then you cut the upright edge of about half so that yours Unicorn squishy Later can look comfortably over the fence.

Step 2: Set up

There are two ways to put your stable together.

1. You leave the outlet enclosure loosely and just put it in front of the stable.

2. You stick the enclosure on the stable. Then you can also cut a door into the fence. Here you should best opt ​​for the recoverable variant so that your unicorn squishy does not run away overnight.

From the remains of the fence you can still set up the interior of your stable. If you also do the one in addition to the unicorn squishy Dino squishy you can give both your own box. Simply cut the fence remains as needed and stick upright into the barn. Think of the (reclassable) doors here too, otherwise your squishies cannot leave their boxes at all.

Step 3: fine -tuning

Basically, your stable is already finished. However, you can still beautify it individually by painting it or sticking with colorful paper. Stickers are also great for this.

So that your squishys do not on the bare bottom of the alumni Slime box you can lay down your boxes with the packaging chips.

As you can see, the simple box of the slime box can become something very special.

Have fun tinkering.



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