Manga-Edition - wir lieben es!

Manga edition - we love it!

Manga edition - we love it!

A few weeks ago we went to the Mex for a Sunday trip to Berlin. The manga and entertainment expo. Many costumes, extraordinary impressions, art, books, figures, delicious food and special and interesting characters that were really super friendly. However, we were particularly interested in the artists. Because of course - how should it be otherwise - the next cool idea buzzed around Tony's head. A manga edition, who would have thought? An artist had particularly taken with him »Psychomiez«, The young lady from Dresden convinced him with color and appearance. After we had contacted her, she immediately agreed with our project. We immediately liked the idea of ​​incorporating your own mascot. The sweet colors and the story fit so well for the topic. We really had absolutely nothing to complain about. She implemented it really well. Thank you for that, dear Elisabeth :)

What is a manga?

The (or that?) Manga is the Japanese term for comic and represents a significant part of the literature and media landscape in Japan. Not only that the manga market is the world's largest comic market, its roots also go back to the Middle Ages. However, today's form is significantly shaped by the western influences and since the 1990s mangas in addition to anime and computer games, mangas have been a successful cultural export good of Japan
(Source: Wikipedia)

Who is actually psychomiez?

Behind psychomiez is a super nice lady from Dresden that bears the name Elisabeth. In 2016 she completed her master's degree in media design / media art and has been working as a graphic designer since then. She focused special on the topics of animation, conception and storytelling during her studies. She still wants to tell a story with her works and pictures and she simply implemented that fantastically with us! Please have a look on your page and learn more about this talented artist. 

Manga edition and other slime sets

The idea has not yet ended, that much is safe. There is something else. Maybe another comic? Maybe labels designed by children? Graphic Novel or a photo comic? It is not yet certain whether and when there will be special slime editions in the shop, only that there will be. Slime sets Most recently growing popularity. We are still unsure whether we should reduce them to a certain number of pieces and then change again and again, so that you simply have to discover new things in our slime shop or whether we simply further expand our product range. We will make it dependent on how much you like the slime sets or whether you are tired of them at some point. 

Winter greetings from the Hanover region, Tanja

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