Klein aber fein - ob Knete oder Slime

Small but fine - whether plasticine or slime

Small but fine - whether plasticine or slime

Slime as a gift

The summer season is coming to an end and here we were able to find out that our sides were one of the most popular products from the shop. Many children's birthdays were pending, many gift bags were distributed and small gifts were given to all birthday guests with them. Among other things, and of course we are very happy, ours Slime vibration.

Welcome to the Club of Cool Products

Who now Slime KWant to open, but in smaller quantities when he is used to it is well served with our fellow. Here you get a practical handbag size of 35 ml slime in doses instead of the usual 250 ml slime goats. You can hardly believe it, but the experience says that the slime lags have increased not only in children's hands, but also in the greater. Through individual feedback, we were able to filter out that they were used for concentration aid in, for example, business meetings or in the home office on the PC for focus. We find that fantastic. I personally have been a fan of the therapeutic background of Slime for a long time, so I'm all the more looking forward to our new adventure with the Oh and the Calming Bottlesthat you can find in our shop since September. The Calming Bottle in particular could not fit better on this topic.

Do you want to know or not?

If you order the slime vengeance, you don't know beforehand which of our slimes is in the containers. But should it be that you have special wishes, such as a dino party at the weekend and you only need that Dinoh In your ginger doses, of course you can communicate that with us. Or you much prefer slime in pink, purple and yellow, then we will also take this into account. Everything is possible, nothing is neccesary. As always, you can express your wishes by email, via WhatsApp or directly in the note when ordering.

Small but fine - whether plasticine or slime

And because the Gap Of course we also want ours so much popular Oh offer in it. Then you can not only give slime, but also kneads either as a gift or order for yourself. The plasticine here is even better than slime for the very small ones. On the one hand, there is no sticky disaster with the youngest and on the other hand our plasticine consists of 100% natural ingredients, so that it can be given in children's hands without any concerns.

Maybe you want to and knead our slimes and just test it. The pissers are also great for this. As a newcomer to slime, you can still use terms such as butter lime, bingsu slime or floam lime don't do that much at all. If you are curious about a certain slime, then let us know. You get your gifts for testing as you like it.

Love Tanja

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