OMG, das ist RIESIG!

OMG, that's huge!

OMG, that's huge!

Hey, slime fans! 😍 You always wanted to know which slime the title of Bigest Slime-Batzen Ever earned? Hold your glitter cans because it will be slimy! 🌈✨

🏆 The titanium of the slime world! 🏆

The most impressive slime event took place when a group of totally crazy slime lovers came together to The world's biggest slime bats to create. Can you imagine that? It is like diving the entire unicorn country into a huge pool full of slime! 🦄💦

What did we learn from it? 🧐

  1. Cooperation is magical: Hundreds of people came together to set this record. Teamwork just makes the dream come true! 🤝✨
  2. Preparation is the key: Tons of glue, food coloring and of course glitter were needed. And yes, they also had to make sure that there is enough space to stir. 🎨🥄
  3. It will ... very, very slimy: We are talking about Slime, which is heavier than 10 unicorns together. (Okay, maybe I'm a little exaggerated, but you understand what I mean! 🦄😂)
  4. Records are there for breaking: Who knows? Maybe one day someone will break this huge record. Maybe you? 😉💪

💡 Slime trivia 💡

Did you know that the slime we love and know today was originally invented in the 1970s? Yes, girls, slime is vintage! 💅 But back to our gigantic Slime -Batzen - it was so big that one was almost a small army of Unicorns could have surf it! (Okay, an exaggeration again, but you know how much I love unicorns. 🦄❤️)

🎉 Celebrate the slime spirit! 🎉

This gigantic record shows how much the world loves slime! Regardless of whether you manufacture a little slime in your room or take part in a recordbreaking slime event, always remember: it's about fun, creativity and sticky, glittering magic! 🌟🌈

So, dear Slime queens, grab your glitter cans and let us continue to enchant the world with our shiny, slimy spell. Until next time, always stays nice and slimy! 😘✌️💚

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