Restock Slime und Knete bananamanana

Restock slime and plasticine bananamanana

Restock slime and plasticine bananamanana

As announced, we drop a new product every Sunday. And we start with our new mucus and the right plasticine. More on this in the article.

Bananamananana slime with sprinkles and large styrofoam balls

On the banana, ready, go ... bananamanana! Our new Big Foam Slime With brown sprinkles. If you like ASMR, you can't avoid the bananamananana lime. Due to the large styrofoam balls, the slime feels really nice and makes great noises. Our new Restock lime smells really delicious ... surprise ... banana, but please don't bite off. If you are more desired at the moment Plasticine Hat, check out our bananamanana clay. Incidentally, this also comes with brown sprinkles

Bananamanana kneaded with sprinkles

Our Slime creations As a plasticine: colored in a beautiful banana yellow, this plasticine smells delicious of banana (but please do not nibble on). As always, we made the base of the plasticine from natural ingredients, refined with aloe vera oil. You will also get colorful sprinkles separately for this plasticine. So you can decide for yourself whether you add them to the plasticine where or not. This is particularly important to us in terms of small children, for which our plasticine is of course also made. The Bananamanana knead is super soft and perfect for relaxing. If you would like it a little slimmer, we recommend our bananamanana slime.

Do you have slime or knead ideas that we should produce in the future? Please send us an email to: or directly via WhatsApp.


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