Slime Stars: Die funkelnde Verbindung!

Slime Stars: The sparkling connection!

Slime Stars: The sparkling connection!

Hello dear slime fans! 😊💖 It is no secret that our slippery passion is not only popular among us normal mortals. Fameteness also love a good one Slime experience! 🌟✨ Let's take a look at some of the most glamorous slime moments of the stars.

🎶 Superstars & your slime-shine 🎶

  • Taylor glitters: Did you know that the pop icon Taylor Swift had a slime with real Swarovski crystals? Yes, that's pure elegance in a sticky shape! 🎤✨
  • Bieber's Blitz-Mix: Justin Bieber should have the record for the fastest mixed slime in his hand. Under 5 minutes, people! Who would have thought? 🎸⏱
  • Ariana's heavenly slime: Ariana Grande's slime should smell like clouds! (No, not really, but it feels so heavenly soft!) ☁️💕

💃 The glittering slime queen: who is her? 💃

The race for the most glittering slime is tight! Many stars have presented their own dazzling versions, but who is at the top?

  • Katy Perry's PrismSlime: Inspired by her album "Prism", Katy has a slime with all the colors of the rainbow - and yes, it glitters like fireworks! 🌈🎆
  • Rihanna's Diamond Slime: Like her song "Diamonds", Riri's Slime is sparkling and radiant. It is rumored that it contains real diamond particles. Shine Bright! 💎🌟

👑 The crown of the fastest slime mixer 👑

While Bieber holds the current record, there are many celebrities that strive for the crown of the fastest slime mixer. From Ed Sheeran to Selena Gomez, they all tried it! But only one can the king or the queen of the Slime-Speedruns! 🏃‍♂️💨

So we have it! The world of the stars is just as crazy as we do! 🤩 Who would have thought? In the meantime, Slime lover, keep your eyes open-who knows which star will be next in the slime rush! 😜💖

See you soon, always stay glossy and sticky in the magical world of the slime! 😘✌️💚🍵

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