Adventskalender: Türchen 15 - Rudolf, das Rentier

Advent calendar: door 15 - Rudolf, the reindeer

Advent calendar: door 15 - Rudolf, the reindeer

Door 15 - Rudolf, the reindeer

You need:

Your red oh minet
Your green oh seed
Your black oh chicken
Your white oh minet
some yellow ohknet
A cutting tool

That's how it's done:

First we have to mix our plasticine again. Since we have carefully careful in art, we know that the colors red and green together result in the color brown. So we don't need an extra brown plasticine at all, but simply mix us up. We also added a tiny little yellow plasticine, so we just liked the color better.

You are now rolling the brown plasticine into an egg. Let yourself be a small amount for the antlers, then you don't have to mix again afterwards. In order to make the shape of the head more cute, you now press the plasticine a little up to half the egg and down, the eye and mouth/nose area arises. In the narrower upper part you can now press two hollows for the eyes with your little finger, but only very easily.

For the eyes you now snap your white kneading and form two balls of the same size. You press this a little flat. From your black plasticine you shape two much smaller balls and press them into the white kneading, the pupils are created and Rudolf does not look quite as crazy. You now put the finished eyes in the hollows that you have prepared with your little finger beforehand. That looks pretty good. 

Now to the antlers: To do this, take the brown plasticine and add a little more yellow plasticine, so the brown tone changes and you can better differentiate Rudolf's antlers from the head. Role two of the same size "sausages" out of the plasticine and cut two twice, preferably at the top and on the side. Form the antlers until you like it and put it on Rudolf's head. It is best to press two small hollows here so that it keeps it better. 

Now the most important thing! The nose. To do this, take a small amount of red plasticine and roll it into a ball. Set them in the middle of the eyes. And done. 

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