Adventskalender: Türchen 19 - Der Adventskranz

Advent calendar: door 19 - the Advent wreath

Advent calendar: door 19 - the Advent wreath

Door 19 - the Advent wreath

You need:

your Green Ohknet
your Red Ohknet
Your yellow ohknet
your orange oh minet
Cutting tool

That's how it's done:

You first roll a ball out of your green knob, which you then press flat on a smooth surface. Alternatively, you can use a round object of your choice to cut out or output a circle. On the side you can carve a kind of fir pattern with a cutting tool. 

You shape four candles with the red plasticine. To do this, you just roll out a long not too thin strand between your hands or on a smooth surface and divide it into four parts. The parts do not necessarily have to be the same, because the fourth Advent is already over and all the candles on our Advent wreath have already burned. But you can decide that all by yourself, as you like better. You now place the four candles from your red plasticine on your Advent wreath. 

Now it's your orange plasticine. From her you shape the flames. Role four small balls from your orange kneading and shaping them to drip them, or just in the shape of a flame. You then put them on your candles. 

Finally, you can use your yellow plasticine to put a few small highlights on your Advent wreath by shaping mini -line beads from it and distributing unevenly on your advent wreath. 

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