Adventskalender: Türchen 5 - Die Zuckerstange

Advent calendar: door 5 - the candy rod

Advent calendar: door 5 - the candy rod

Door 5 - the canvas rod

Tomorrow is Nicholas and what shouldn't be missing in your boot? A little candy, of course. That is why we knead a sweet candy rod today - and this is not only super simple, but your ohket can also smell really well for raspberries and cherries. Who can claim that from his chicked candy bar? :)

You need:

A small amount Red Ohknet
A small amount Blue Ohknet

That's how it works:

You take your red knead and knead it properly. Then you roll them between your hands or on a smooth surface into a thin "sausage". You repeat the whole thing with your blue kneading. Then you put the two rolled strands together and turn them into each other. You can just take an end and turn again and again. You do that until you like the pattern. Finally, you smooth the two ends so that they get a round shape and bend the lower end (which this is, you can decide yourself: D) a little upwards so that you get the typical shape of a candy bar. Voilà!

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