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Our new slime ...

Our new slime ...

Go yelloh In his bright neon yellow is a real eye -catcher. We haven't had a micro floam slime in the shop. Due to the very small styrofoam elements, the slime feels very soft, as with everyone Floam slimes we do not guarantee an out. The gummy bear fragrance is very pleasant and not a bit penetrating. I think the new one is also my new favorite lime, all of our testers were enthusiastic and that too
First feedbacks are very positive.

New feedback app ...

... we have the judge.me feedback app on slimeslime.de. As already mentioned, happy children's eyes are the top destination for us. In order to make the whole thing a little more transparent, our customers can now rate us directly on our website. This is the only way we can make our slimes even better out of constructive criticism or know which one we are with. Internally we know some of our small weaknesses, but as so often in life, children see all this with different eyes, which is why we are very important to us: When our slime arrives, your kids asks what they like and what they might have wanted. We can only achieve our goal with your help The best slime shop in Germany to become.

Next stop amazon ...

... next to our shopify shop and ours Etsy Store We will also become more active on Amazon in the next few weeks and sell our handmade slime there. A lot of users google slime first look at the results and buy on Amazon. At the moment we are still looking forward to the preparations.


Stays healthy Tony.

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