Gib dem Spiel eine zweite Runde: Spende dein altes Kinderspielzeug!

Give the game a second round: donate your old children's toys!

Give the game a second round: donate your old children's toys!

Hey dear slime community! 🌈 You have a smorgasbord at home Children's toy, that is no longer used? Before you think about throwing away, let's discover the power of giving together! Many organizations would be happy to pass on this toy in loving hands. And honestly, is there something nicer than a bright children's laugh?

1. The value of giving: why donate? 🌟

A study by the Journal of Consumer Psychology has shown that donations not only help those who receive the donations, but also the donations themselves. It increases self -esteem, promotes positive emotions and conveys a feeling of community. And when it comes to children's toys that may only be in one corner, the potential to give another child joy is huge.

2. Organizations that ray when you donate 🥰

  • SOS Children's Villages: They ensure that children are helped worldwide in need. Your old toy can make the difference here.

  • DRK (German Red Cross): With local facilities across Germany, you ensure that donated toys reach families in need.

  • Tafel Germany: In addition to food, many Tafel output offices also take on toys. Especially on public holidays, they are a great way to give joy.

3. Tips for that toy-Donate 🎮

Before your Children's toy Give, check whether it is still functional and all parts are available. A contribution in the Journal of Environmental Psychology has emphasized how important the quality of donated goods is. It's not just about making space, but also about offering high quality objects to others.

Finally, dear Slime fans, remember that every little piece helps. Whether there is a teddy bear, a puzzle or a slime socket is, your donation can illuminate the world of a child. So, let's make the world a little more colorful together! 🌍💚🧸

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