[DIY] Bau dir ein Parkhaus für deine Spielzeugautos

[DIY] Build a parking garage for your toy cars

[DIY] Build a parking garage for your toy cars

[DIY] Build a parking garage for your toy cars

Have you already seen? Recently there was my first handicap for you what you have from one Slime box could still do. Maybe one or the other of you thought that a Unicorn stable would rather be something for girls. Then take care, because today we tinker something that is more for boys. But of course girls can also have fun with a parking garage for toy cars.

Step 1: Cut

Everything you need to build the garage is a box. The slime box is best suited for this. First cut off the blankets. But don't throw away, because we are making our second parking deck from it.

So that the cars can even go to the parking garage, we naturally need an entrance. To do this, cut the box on the front twice. It is best to be a little more than twice as wide as your cars. Because we finally want to give oncoming traffic some space. Now the entrance works down and your cars are granted.

Now we come to the upper parking deck. To do this, fold the lid of the slime box together in the intended areas and stick the overlapping corners.

Now cut a driveway on the long side. However, this should not be precisely opposite the entrance, but a little on the side of it so that your cars can not only drive onto the upper parking deck, but can also use the lower one.

You cut off the upper half from the standing edge.

Now you shorten the parking deck on the back on the back of about half so that your cars can use the exit conveniently.

Step 2: Design

Before we finally put together the parking garage, you should paint it according to your wishes, stick it, etc. Because otherwise you will only get a bad time later if you want to draw individual parking spaces, for example, or to stake up with colorful adhesive tape.

Step 3: Set up

Once your artistic skills have been completed, only the upper parking deck must be glued in. To do this, the edge is simply glued to the top of the inner wall, so that both complete. You can also glue the driveway. To keep it better, a somewhat wider adhesive tape is recommended.

And your new parking garage is already ready and ready for your toy cars.

Well, you would have thought that from a simple one Slime box Something great can arise?

I hope you enjoy tinkering. Like to send us photos of your parking garage so that we can admire your works of art.

Love Tanja

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