Feiert mit uns den Slime Day

Celebrate the slime day with us

Celebrate the slime day with us

Incomprehensible! It seems to us that it was only yesterday that our shop opened its gates. In fact, we are already celebrating our second birthday. Because on 20.08.2020 our shop conquered the expanses of the Internet. We never thought that he would be such a success. But that is exactly what happened. A good reason to celebrate this day properly with you.

We celebrate ourselves - we celebrate you

Before we go on to the actual ceremony, we would like to thank you all. For the fact that you trust us and buy our products - whether for yourself or as a gift for children or adults. For your mostly positive reviews, but also for the constructive criticism, which helps us to make our slime even better. Without you we would not be where we are today. And that's why we want to give you something back on this very special day.

All orders at the Slime Day receive a surprise

Every single order on August 20. - A gift is added to the Slime Day we chose. You can look forward to a slime, which has not yet been bought in our shop. And which there will never be available. So let yourself be surprised what we have prepared for you.

We celebrate birthday every year

Unfortunately you missed our slime day? That is absolutely no problem. Because, like every birthday, our small holiday takes place once a year. It is best to stroke 20.08 today. Red in the calendar - a date that you should definitely keep an eye on.

But now enough of the long speeches. We let the cork banged, lift the glasses and collect together with colorful blubber shower. We are already looking forward to many more years with you and our slime.


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