[DIY] Veranstalte eine Party der Sinne

[DIY] hold a party of the senses

[DIY] hold a party of the senses

Suitable for the ASMR box We have come up with some great party games for you where all your senses are used.

Play tip No. 1: The feeling box

You can convert the box of the ASMR box and the corns of corns in it into a feeling box. Hide several small items in the Maischips. Every player who is just the turn of the eyes are connected. Now the player reaches into box and must guess an object by feeling.

So that the maships stay in the box while feeling, you can also cut a hole in the lid of the ASMR box. This should be big enough that you can reach into the box comfortably without cutting yourself at the edges.

Play tip No. 2: Well sniffed

If you have the ASMR box, you have three different slimes. Maybe you even have more? Because the more slimes you have for this game, the better.

As you certainly know, every slime has a very individual fragrance. You can now take advantage of this. Let your eyes connect, put your hands on your back (because the sense of touch has no place in this game) and smells of the slime. Can you see from the smell on which it is? Congratulations!

Play tip No. 3: Pantomime

In this game, your eyes are particularly important. Because you have to guess terms that represent another player through facial expressions and gestures. But first things first. In order to start with this game, of course you have to think about terms. This writes them individually on small pieces of paper, which you then fold or crumple together and throw in a container (for example an empty slim edit). Shake well. The player that is just the turn now draws a piece of paper. Attention: Do not show the other party guests! As already mentioned above, this term must now be presented exclusively by gestures and facial expressions. It is forbidden to point or even speak on anything. Who is the fastest way to do the term they are looking for?

Play tip No. 5: listens to the slime

Each slime not only has a very own smell, they also make different noises depending on the nature. In this game, too, your eyes will be connected to you again. Let yourself be given a slime and try to guess only by kneading and pulling which slime it is. Who of you guess the most? Here, too, three are already available at the ASMR box and the same applies: the more different slimes, the more fun.

Greetings your Tanja

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