Warum Knete ohne Alaun besser für Kinder geeignet ist!

Why plasticine without alum is better suited for children!

Why plasticine without alum is better suited for children!

As parents, we are always careful to give our children safe toys that promotes their health and well -being. In the world of the Plasticine It is important to understand why the choice of plasticine without alum is a better option for our little ones.


  • Alaun: What is that anyway?
  • Why was Alaun incorporated into conventional kneading masses?
  • Why is Plasticine Better without alum?
  • What can you shape with our plasticine?

You will learn that in this article:

  • Why is alum a component in kneading mass
  • advantages of Pay without alum
  • Creative possibilities with plasticine
Pay without alum

Alaun: What is that anyway and why is it incorporated into conventional plasticine?

The aluminum salt is called aluminum and potassium and is often used as an additive in conventional plasticine. It fulfills several purposes in the plasticine -  Including the improvement of the formability, the extension of durability and the support in binding dyes and flavors.

Why is plasticine better without alum?

  • Security comes first: Alaun can cause skin irritation, especially in sensitive children. By avoiding alum, we reduce the risk of allergic reactions and skin irritation.
  • Natural ingredients: Our plasticine at slimeslime.de is made without alum and is based on natural ingredients instead. 
  • No risks: Without alum, there is no risk that your child will accidentally swallow harmful chemicals. You can lean back relaxed while your children play with our plasticine.

What can you shape with our plasticine?

The possibilities are endless! From cute animal figures to imaginative worlds, children can let their creativity run free. Our Plasticine offers a safe and non -toxic opportunity for children to develop their imagination and at the same time improve their fine motor skills. In our blog post "More than just one toy" we present some ideas for you.

Knette overview

The decision for plasticine without alum, such as our products at slimeslime.de, is a step towards a safer and more creative game environment for our children. By relying on natural ingredients, you can be reassured that your children can play safely while they develop their imagination.

If you have any questions about our products, please send us an email or contact us via WhatsApp. 


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