Mehr als nur ein Spielzeug!

More than just a toy!

More than just a toy!

Now it will be creative! In this blog article we present some creative knet ideas for children. 


  • Knetideen for your Oh

You will learn that in this article:

  • How do you form one dinosaur Knette
  • How do you form a candy made of plasticine
  • How do you form a football from plasticine

Create your dino made of plasticine

Materials you need:

  • Different colors plasticine (green for the body, brown for the back, white for the teeth and eyes, black for the pupils)
  • A level, clean surface for working

Step-by-step instructions

Step 1: Preparation

  • Make sure your work area is clean and neat.
  • Select the colors for your dinosaurs. You need green plasticine for the body, brown plasticine for the back, white plasticine for your teeth and eyes as well as black plasticine for the pupils.

Step 2: Form the body

  • Take the Greens Plasticine And shape an elongated body for your dinosaurs. Remember that dinosaurs often had a massive body, so shape it accordingly.
  • Press the body a little flat onto the work surface so that it is stable.

Step 3: Form the head

  • Take a small amount of green plasticine and shape a head. This should be proportional to the body, but a little smaller.
  • Carefully press the head on the top of the body and shape facial features such as eyes, nose and mouth with your fingers or small tools, if available.

Step 4: Design your back

  • Role the brown tanger into a long, thin roll and form it into a gentle arch.
  • Attach the bow along the back of your dinosaurs. Press him slightly so that he sticks.
  • Press the surface of the bow lightly to imitate the structure of the dinosaur vertebrae.

Step 5: Add details

  • Form small lumps made of brown kneading and placed them along the back to represent the thorns or spines of the dinosaurs.
  • Form small feet by rolling kneading into oval shapes and attaching them under the body of your dinosaurs.
  • Press small lumps green on the body to display dandruff.

Step 6: Design your eyes and teeth

  • Form small white plasticine balls for the eyes and place them on the head.
  • Form small triangles or pointed shapes made of white kneading for the teeth and attach them around the mouth.

Step 7: Add the pupils

  • Form small black plasticine balls for the pupils and place them in the middle of the eyes.

Step 8: Add fineness

  • Now you can add more details to your dinosaurs, such as patterns on the skin or small claws on your feet.
  • Be creative and add everything you can imagine to make your dinosaurs special and unique!

Step 9: Present your creation

  • As soon as you are satisfied with your dinosaurs, you can proudly present it! Show him to your friends and family or exhibit him on a shelf to admire him.

Create a knob candy

Materials you need:

  • Knette in the desired colors
  • A level, clean surface for working
  • A knife or a knob for cutting and shaping (optional)
  • A rolling wood (optional but helpful)

Step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Preparation of the Plasticine

  • Select your kneading colors: Decide which colors you want to use for your candy. Bunbons are traditionally colorful, but you can be creative and choose any color combination you like. 

  • Knead the plasticine well to make it soft and formable. If the plasticine is too hard, you can make it a little softer by kneading with your hands or light rollers on a clean surface.

Step 2: Form the outer layer of the candies

  • Choose a color for the outer layer of the candies. 
  • Roll the plasticine between your hands into an even long roll or a flat plate, depending on which shape you prefer. 
  • Make sure that the thickness of the outer layer is even.

Step 3: Fill the candy: 

  • Choose one or more colors for the filling of the candies. 
  • Role or form the filling in thin strips or small balls, depending on which shape you prefer. 
  • Put the filling on the outer layer of the plasticine and roll or fit it carefully so that the filling is completely surrounded by the outer layer.

Step 4: Form the candy 

  • Roll the outer layer carefully over the filling to cover it and maintain an even shape. 
  • Press the ends together slightly to ensure that the candy is well sealed.

Step 5: refine the shape 

  • If necessary, you can now refine the shape of the sweets with your hands or kneading tools and make sure that it looks smooth and even.

Step 6: Optional - cut the candy 

  • If you want your Bonbon has a special shape, you can now use a knife or a knob to cut it into the desired shape. 
  • Be careful and work slowly.

Step 7: finish and let dry:

  • Your candy is now finished! You can place it on a clean, dry surface to dry. This can take a few hours. As soon as it is dry, your candy is ready to be admired or used as a decoration.

Create a football football

Step 1: collect materials

  • Get you in white and black in the colors. You can also use other colors if you want!
  • Make sure you have a smooth work surface on which you can shape the plasticine.

Step 2: Preparation

  • Wash your hands to ensure that the plasticine remains clean and does not contain any contaminants.
  • Knete the plasticine for a few minutes to make it softer and more formible.

Step 3: Form football

  • Take a small part of the black kneading and roll it between your hands into a ball. That will be the core of football.
  • Then roll a larger amount of the white plasticine into a thin snake.
  • Wrap the white snake around the black ball. Press her slightly so that it sticks. That will be the classic pattern of football.
  • Now take the entire ball in your hands and carefully roll it between your palms to ensure that the white kneading is evenly distributed around the black ball. Make sure that the shape stays round!

Step 4: Add details

  • With a small piece black plasticine Can you now add the characteristic patterns of football. This includes the hexagon and five ceilings.
  • Carefully press small pieces of black kneading on the white surface to shape the pattern. You can orientate yourself to a real football or let your imagination run wild!

Step 5: finish

  • Check your football creation and correct any bumps.
  • If you are satisfied, your homemade kneading football is ready! You can now use it as a decoration or play with it.

Keep in mind that shaping with plasticine is a creative activity where there is no false results. Experiment and have fun designing your own unique figures!

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