Mitgebsel: Das kleine Extra, das Großes bewirkt!

Judgment: the little extra, which works!

Judgment: the little extra, which works!

Hello dear Slime community! You all know it: the party was awesome and everyone had fun. But what remains when the lights go out? Exactly, the memory! And what could be better than this memory with a small but fine Gift to extend? Yes, you guessed it: We talk about my own!

Why are gifts more than just gifts

Before you think, there are only a nice gesture, pause briefly. Scientific studies like that of Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, who leads the "Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology Lab", have shown that small gifts and surprises can strengthen well -being and social bonds. This means that your party not only stays a unique event, but also lives in the heart of the guests. So, why not a little Slime Or pack in the goodie bags?

Slimeslime's mit: Slime & Oh

Now comes the part that is really enthusiastic to us: our gifts consist of slime and our ohketen, which - drum roll, please - is made 100% of natural ingredients! Yes, you heard right. So you can spoil your guests with something that is not only fun, but is also environmentally friendly and safe for children.

Good vibes only: Judgment that everyone will love

We are sure that your guests will love our sex as much as we do. Imagine how the eyes of the kids light up when you open your goodie bags and find a potty full of slime or oh miners! And not to forget, the parents will also appreciate that the ingredients are completely natural.

So, make your next celebration unforgettable and grab some of our slime and Ohknet in the party bags. Stay sticky, stay creative, and of course stays!

Your Slimeslime team

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