Neue Farben und Slime Set‘s

New colors and slime sets

New colors and slime sets

We celebrate birthday has been there for 1 year now. I am really pleased about what came from our “Corona idea”. Our sales go up steadily, we get 99% super feedback and 5 star ratings. Our slime "Made in Germany“Is becoming increasingly successful. At Etsy it almost starts from day one, but we also slowly pick up speed on Amazon (which is really not easy there).

What I have personally defined for myself is that I see as a happy, colorful brand and that's why we have adapted the colors in the shop. We don't always want to look the same, we want to be out there like our Slime fans. Everyone is different and wonderful in their own way. That is why we will now often confess color. There will be new slime care flyers - also in different colors. In the next few weeks and months we will bring out some new slime ideas again and we will also rely on our creativity. 

Our slime sets are quite new in the shop

That you have received very well in the past few weeks. Contained in a Slime set are always three different types of slimes. Especially as Gift for boys or girls well suited because you are with just one order Butter, Glossy slime or e.g. one Cloud slime receives. Especially for customers who are not yet so good with the topic of slime or Slime sets I can only recommend it. If you want to have variety in color and consistency, you drive our slime sets just right. 

It remains exciting.

See you soon Tony

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