Adventskalender: Türchen 8 - Das Geschenk

Advent calendar: door 8 - The gift

Advent calendar: door 8 - The gift

Door 8 - The gift

Today Santino celebrates his 11th birthday and he wished that we knead a gift today. And if the birthday child wants something like that, it will be put into practice. :)

You need:

Ohknet in your favorite colors
a role or an alternative to it
Your cutting tool

That's how it's done:

Role your plasticine (it is with us red grade) on a smooth surface. But not too thin. The thickness can be half up to all centimeters. Then simply cut out a rectangle from your plasticine. Now take your second kneading (with us it is that green plasticine) and rolls out of your hands from it. You put it in the middle of your package and cut off the excess at the bottom. You then put this again via your package, so it looks like your package is wrapped with a tape. Your gift is ready. You can repeat this with all colors and conjure up a lot of gifts.


Spoiler: We will also knead a fir tree, maybe you will still need the gifts;)

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